Neuropsychological Assessment

A neuropsychological assessment is recommended in those cases where there is suspicion that some ORGANIC changes have occurred in your child’s brain. An organic change means that it was acquired because of a certain event – such as trauma to the head during sports or a motor vehicle accident.

The Purpose of a Neuropsychological Assessment

In contrast to psychoeducational assessment, the focus of a neuropsychological assessment is primarily on the cognitive processes associated with specific areas of the brain, and not so much on academic skills. The goal of the neuropsychological assessment is to establish a treatment plan for cognitive rehabilitation or to determine specific cognitive activities that would facilitate the development or recovery of the organic changes that have occurred in your child’s brain.

Persistent Post Concussive Syndrome

We are glad that there is currently more awareness of concussions in relation to sports and currently coaches and parents are more educated in case of concussions. However, in most cases, a neuropsychological assessment is not needed with simple concussions. However, if the child was cognitively vulnerable (i.e. had a learning disability, ADHD, or had previous concussions, or the symptoms of concussion are persistent) then it is likely that more serious organic changes to the brain have occurred or may occur. These cases need to be taken more seriously as Persistent Post Concussive Syndrome can be indicative of a mild brain injury and a neuropsychological examination is recommended so that treatment is provided without delay.

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