Child Therapy and Family Counselling Toronto

Life is not always easy. Both parents and children are frequently met with numerous challenges in school, at work, and at home. And sometimes, these changes can be a little too difficult to manage on our own and we need a helping hand. Our team of child psychologists, therapists and mental health providers can be the helping hand you or your child needs to get through challenges such as:

  • Parent-child conflicts
  • Child and adolescent behavioural problems
  • Issues with anxiety, depression or emotional disturbance
  • Adjustment difficulties to transitions such as moving away for college/university and divorce, remarriage or blended families
  • Cognitive issues related to brain injury, ADHD or trauma

How We Can Help Your Child

We use a collaborative approach with our kids and teenagers that helps foster emotional resilience. The type of therapeutic treatment depends on the individual and their unique needs.

Talk Therapy can be beneficial for teens
Play Therapy is good for children who cannot yet communicate their problems

In all cases, the goal of our therapy and counselling is to improve your child’s coping strategies for dealing with stressors by:

  • Recognizing negative patterns of thought,
  • Evaluating the logic behind the negative thought, and
  • Replacing the negative thought with healthier ways of thinking

How We Can Help You & Your Family

We also work a lot with parents and families directly, who come us for many reasons. Sometimes you may just need an outsider’s perspective on the family dynamic and other times you may need tactical strategies for dealing with specific challenges that your child may be having. Here are some of the ways psychotherapy and counselling can support you:

  • Learning adaptive strategies to improve your child’s behaviour, emotions and/or social functioning
  • Developing ways of coping with family stressors on both an individual and group level
  • Adjusting to new transitions and life changes, such as separation, divorce or blended families
  • Understanding how to communicate with your child and help them succeed in school, at home, and in life