Shael Katz


Shael Katz graduated from the York University with a Specialized Honours BSc. in Psychology, followed by a graduate degree (Master of Teaching) at the University of Toronto. As an educator and member of the Ontario College of Teachers, Shael has devoted much time and passion to creating strengths-based designs for learning for students that focus on differentiated instruction, learning environments, and assessment methods. He has experience teaching students with both regular education and special education needs in both private and public education institutions (K-12).  Through his teaching experiences, Shael developed a keen interest in understanding how both classroom-based assessments and more formal academic and cognitive assessments can directly inform personalized learning plans that include Individual Education Plans (IEPs,) Positive Behaviour Plans, and Safety Plans. As such, he has enjoyed working with colleagues to help bridge the gap between assessment and instructional practice by making it come alive in classrooms.  Shael’s numerous connections to online learning networks with other teachers ensure he stays current on evidence-based practices in Ontario that focus on assessment-informed instruction in classrooms.  He enjoys collaborating with colleagues on designs for learning that frontload necessary accommodations and modifications to personalized programs. Shael also personally recognizes the critical importance of student voice so that students become their best advocates as they advance through their school careers.  Through his tutorial services, Shael works with students of all ages in all areas of the curriculum with a special focus on Mathematics, Sciences, and Literacy for middle and secondary school students. Shael has received training in comprehensive and gifted psychoeducational assessments with Valentin & Blackstock Psychology Corporation in 2016.



As a teacher and tutor, I have developed a strong affinity for teaching and helping students who may struggle in school as they continue to demonstrate their resolve in succeeding in school and life. I receive great gratification from the deliberate development of respectful working relationships with students, who in turn learn how to see themselves as successful and empowered learners. My tutorial philosophy is having the session shift back and forth between directive and non-directive approaches of tutoring. I try to enrich the students understanding of their curriculum by teaching and explaining everything in an easy and understandable way as well as acting as a facilitator drawing knowledge from the student. By creating a positive atmosphere in my tutoring sessions and sharing my enthusiasm, patience, nurturing and positive reinforcement I help students gain an appreciation for themselves, helping them enjoy the process while getting excellent results. Aside from teaching and tutoring, my favourite activities are watching movies and sports, travelling, listening to music, and reading novels and comic books.